Learn & Play Song: A Beautiful Mind

Let's try this together. I'll do the one-bar count-in and then we'll start. As always you're more than welcome to just watch and listen a few times before playing along yourself.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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Learn & Play Song: A Beautiful Mind song notation
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Learn & Play Song: A Beautiful Mind By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

2 months ago
I'm struggling to change chords correctly fast enough. Should i keep going practicing this lesson and master it before moving onto the next lesson?
Mike Olekshy 4 weeks ago

Hello, and thanks so much for the question! Keep practicing the chord changes at a slower tempo (use the speed buttons on the left side of the video frame) where you can make the changes fast enough to keep time. If you do this, then you can move on to the next lesson as well. But keep practicing everything at a slower tempo that is comfortable. If you keep doing this consistently, you will get faster and faster over time.

6 months ago
What does the "mf" on the music sheet mean?
Josh Workman 5 months ago

mf= mezzo forte, Italian for moderately loud. Italian has been the default language for written musical notation terms for centuries.