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Impatience & Frustration

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In this lesson we'll talk about another trick you can use when you get stuck. This one is a little controversial, but it has worked for myself in the past.

Sometimes things get more difficult because we're focusing too hard on the details of a certain technique. Let's say you're having trouble with your A-chord, and you keep it under the microscope trying to get all your fingers in the perfect spot without muting any of the adjacent strings, and the longer you work on it, the more tired your fingers get and the more you start to see problems where there are none.

So sometimes it's worth simply pretending like you can do it perfectly even if you know that you can't. For example, if your A chord doesn't sound great and you've spent a fair amount of time on it, it might be smart to move on and just pretend like it sounds great and use it whenever it comes up.

Of course it's possible that it keeps not sounding right, and then you can come back to it with renewed energy later on. But there's also a chance that the problem will just kind of correct itself as you move along through the examples and keep using it without focusing directly on it. This has worked for me in the past with things like barre-chords for example, and it's worth considering.

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Impatience & Frustration