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Chords On All Six Strings

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In this lesson we'll spend a little extra time with these new chords. If you feel like you have a solid handle on the two chords, you can skip this lesson.

In order to switch between the two chords we move our middle and ring finger up and down between the floor and the ceiling. And then for the A minor chord your index finger jumps in with the 1st fret of the B-string.

Now let's do the same example as before, but we'll switch chords twice as fast. So I'll count us in with the usual 1-2-3-4 and then we'll play the E minor chord twice and then we'll switch to A minor and play that twice as well. Then we'll repeat both chords and end on an E minor chord that we let ring.

Remember that you're welcome to kill off any chord that's currently ringing in order to have time to get ready for the next one. How long the chord rings is much less important than coming in right!

And since we play each chord for 2 bars, so you could let it ring fully the first time, then strum it again and kill it pretty quickly after that to have time to get your fingers in place for the next chord.

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Chords On All Six Strings