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One Scale, Thousands of Melodies

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Now it's time to check out the last bit of melody, review all the different parts and finally try to put it all together.

If we call the first phrase A, and the second phrase B, then you can look at the form of the melody as ABBA.

I'm picking it all with downstrokes in my right hand, and let's leave it at that for now, so we can focus on the left hand.

Now let's practice the whole melody together really slowly. I'll do a one-bar count-in and then we'll play a note for every quarter note. It's very likely that you'll make some mistakes in both your left and your right hand, but don't be afraid of that. Mistakes are inevitable when you're learning something new like this.

Congrats on learning your very first famous melody on the guitar. And by learning the one-octave pattern of the major scale, you now also have access to a million other melodies. As you practice the scale, chances are you'll stumble upon little bits of songs you recognize and if you search a little bit you may be able to find the rest of the notes within the scale by using your ears. Because now you're not fumbling around blindly in all the notes on the fretboard, and instead you have a template with some of the most common melody notes. It won't work for all melodies, but it'll work more often than you may think. Have fun with it!

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One Scale, Thousands of Melodies