The No-Fingers E Minor Chord

Now let's check out what's arguably the easiest chord you can play on the guitar. We'll just play the top 3 strings of the guitar, so our G B an E strings. Goodbye Eddie!

Hear how pretty that sounds? This is called an E minor chord and it's an extremely common chord. The term minor refers to a type of chord that sounds quite sad to most of us. You'll learn much more about all that later on.

I'm just strumming with my thumb, but of course you can use any of your fingers or even a pick if you're already using that. Just make sure you start on the G-string and go gently towards the floor from there. You can also play the notes one at a time. That sounds nice too!

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
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The No-Fingers E Minor Chord song notation