Up until now we've mainly focused on what to play, meaning chords and melodies or simply notes. In this chapter we're going to explore the other equally important part of music which is when to play those chords or notes or simply put, rhythm.

This is something that way too many guitar players neglect for a long time, and it feels like a huge burden when they later have to go back and learn the basics of rhythm. Rhythm is one of the most powerful concepts you can master and learning it early on will only put you ahead of the curve.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Basic Rhythmic Subdivisions
Any Style

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Questions & Answers

2 months ago
Why is this so confusing?
Mike Olekshy 2 months ago

Hello and thanks for your question! I'm sorry you are having difficulty with the material. But rhythm is an important foundation every guitarist must learn. Try watching the video a few times to see if you can understand the concepts. If you still find it confusing, perhaps move on to the next chapter. Once you've got some more advanced concepts under your belt, you can revisit this chapter and keep working on it!