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Finger Pain, Calluses, Nails and Posture

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One of the first things you notice when you start out playing guitar is that it can be quite painful for your fingertips. The good news is that it does get easier, for two main reasons that we'll talk about in this lesson.

The first reason is that over time your technique will improve. Let's take the old Code 1 for example, where you're not fretting all the way to the right in the fret.

To compensate for this your finger tip has to press down even harder and therefore it gets more painful and tiring. Sometimes the picking hand will even try to compensate for this and pick the notes even harder, which, as I'm sure can imagine, doesn't feel or sound great.

So as your technique gets better, you'll know where to apply pressure and how to avoid using more force than necessary, which will make a huge difference.

The other reason it'll get easier is that your fingers will develop calluses. It's impossible for me to say how long this will take, but you'll have to be patient. There's a chance you may get blisters before this happens, and that can be frustrating and painful, so make sure you take lots of breaks and always keep an eye on your fingertips and try to stop before you develop a blister.

When do you start to develop your calluses, it's very important that you don't play guitar right after washing the dishes or taking a shower, cause then they'll come right off and you'll have

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Finger Pain, Calluses, Nails and Posture