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Metronome Practice

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Earlier on we talked about how we measure tempo in beats per minute or BPM and a metronome marks those beats. Let me know you how it works!

I'm demonstrating a basic metronome. As I mentioned earlier you can get one for your smartphone for a couple bucks or even find a free one on the internet.

We can adjust the tempo or the BPM, making it faster by turning up the number of BPM. Or making it slower by turning the number of BPM down. That is the primary function of the metronome. As you may have noticed, a lot of metronomes including this one will have a different sound every four clicks, and that typically marks beat 1.

That's really all you need to know about the function of a metronome right now, and while I know that's not a super exciting sound, it's incredibly useful for learning how to play exciting things. And we'll go through all that in the following lessons.

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Metronome Practice