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The Minor Pentatonic Scale

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Now let's break down the rest of the minor pentatonic scale pattern.

Up until now we have the first half of the pattern. Then we'll continue in the same way going 5th fret to 7th fret of the G-string. Next up we'll go to the B-string and do 5th fret to 8th fret. Finally we'll do exactly the same thing on the high E-string.

Take all the time you need with that, and whenever you're ready you can try playing it the other way going down.

Now let's practice this together really slowly. Once we get to the highest note of the pattern, we'll pick that note one more time, and then we'll come back down the scale until we end on the note we started on. Remember that you can do this exercise on your own at any tempo that feels comfortable for you.

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The Minor Pentatonic Scale