Using The Strumming Pattern

Now it's time to try out our new strumming pattern with some more chords and see how it works.

Let's try an example where we go E minor for 2 bars, then we'll go to C major for 2 bars. Then we'll keep it simple and just repeat that one more time. And then we'll end on a big E minor chord that we let ring.

When you try this with the rhythm you'll notice that it's tricky to jump straight from one chord to the next in between strums and that's where our trick from the last chapter comes in handy, where we strum the open strum on the last strum right before changing chords.

This open string trick may feel like extra effort right now, but it really does make it easier once you get used to it. And this is not a beginner cheat I've come up with for you. I do this myself all the time and so do most other people who use open chords on guitar.

Anders Mouridsen
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Using The Strumming Pattern song notation