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8th Notes & Upstrokes

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Now that you're hopefully somewhat comfortable with the strumming pattern, let's try it out in a simple song with a few more chords. If you have found some variation on the strumming pattern that's easier or sounds better to you, you're more than welcome to use that, as long as you're playing mostly 8th notes and using some upstrokes.

At this point you're starting to develop a nice foundation of the most important tools that we use on guitar. I'm sure many of these tools are still quite tricky to master and I'm also guessing that your fingers may be sore and maybe you're battling some of the same impatience and frustration that most of us are when we're trying to learn something new and hard. Playing guitar isn't easy, but in many ways it does get easier and less painful as you progress. So try really hard to stay patient and remember my most repeated words: have fun with it!

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8th Notes & Upstrokes