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Now let's try using these two chords D and C in a simple example. I'll count us in with the usual 1-2-3-4 and then we'll switch back and forth between the D and C major chords.

As always when it has to do with chord changing remember that you don't have to let the previous chord ring out till the very last second before you change to the next chord. You can kill it off long before the chord change in order to have plenty of time to get your fingers in place for the next chord. It's more important to come in right with the next chord than to finish the previous one.

And also remember that you can give your fingertips a little break by releasing fretting pressure for a moment, right before strumming the same chord again.

Now let's try this together, and please don't panic if it's hard. You'll be using these chords for the rest of your guitar playing journey, so there's lots more practice time coming up and I'm absolutely confident you'll be become friends eventually.

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