Increasing The Tempo

Now let's try increasing the tempo. I'm going to guess a tempo that I think is going to be challenging and yet doable for you at this moment, but keep in mind that you should explore some more tempos on your own afterwards. If my tempo is too easy for you, you should try it faster. And if my tempo is too fast you should see how fast you can go before it starts to feel uncomfortable.

Let's just start with our E minor chord and loop that. Now we'll start to increase the tempo a little bit at a time.

In this tutorial we explored the most basic version of what's called a strumming pattern and the idea is that you could now use this pattern to go play a million different songs. Of course there are different types of rhythms and this won't always work, but it will work surprisingly often. And as your skills grow we'll keep building on this strumming pattern to make it more and more cool sounding and useful!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Strumming Patterns
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Increasing The Tempo song notation

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