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Now let's break down and practice a little song and then we'll play it with the metronome.

Let's start on our A minor chord now and play our strumming pattern. If the strumming pattern is still a little bit too difficult you're welcome to simplify it by just playing quarter notes, or all 8th notes. The most important thing right now is that you're following the metronome, specifically what you play is much less important.

We'll do A minor for 4 bars and then we'll switch to C major for 4 bars. Then we'll go to E minor and play that for 4 bars. Finally we'll go to D major and play that for 4 bars. Finally we won't repeat it, we'll just end on an A minor chord that we let ring.

Remember that you have the option of strumming the open strings before changing chords, if that helps.

Now let's try our new song with the metronome at 75 BPM. Feel free to just watch and listen a few times before playing along yourself, and remember that you're welcome to simplify the strumming pattern if that helps. The most important thing is that you practice following the metronome, what you play is much less important.

I hope this tutorial has made you see the value in having the metronome as a practicing partner. Learning to play with good rhythm is one of the best things you can do for your sound and it's something everyone should start working on as soon after they pick up a guitar as possible. It can be hard, but the return is more than worth it, because playing with strong rhythm makes everything you do sound like music.

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Metronome Practice