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Rock Riff #2

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Now let's use our new riff in a song, and as you know from the previous tutorial, the riff will lead us straight into our verse section. For the verse we'll start out by going down two frets from the last note of the riff and play our F power chord in the 1st and 3rd fret. We'll do that for 1 bar with 8th note downstrokes.

Then we'll go up two frets to our G power-chord in the 3rd and the 5th fret and do that for 1 bar as well. After that we'll go up 1 fret to our A-flat power chord here in the 4th and 6th fret for 1 bar as well.

Finally we'll go up two frets to B-flat in the 6th and 8th fret. We'll play that for 1 bar as well, but on beat 3, we'll hit it once and pause for the rest of the bar. Then we repeat all that, starting on F again.

Now let's practice the verse together. I'll count us in and then we'll play through it slowly.

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Rock Riff #2