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Online Guitar Lessons: Learn about the benefits of online guitar lessons and why we think it is the best way to learn guitar
How To Read Guitar Tabs: Learn how to read guitar tablature, or guitar "tabs" with this helpful resource.
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Guitar Chord Chart: Learn any chord with our detailed chord chart.
Guitar Scales: Use this guide to further understand all the important scales on guitar.
Guitar Tuner: Here is an easy to use guitar tuner to get you started right.

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Gear You Gotta Try #5, September 8, 2016 Guitar Tricks Picks: Gear You Gotta Try August 30, 2016 Guitar Tricks Picks: Gear You Gotta Try August 23, 2016 Enter to Win a PRS SE Angelus Guitar Tricks Picks: Gear You Gotta Try August 9, 2016 Guitar Tricks Picks: Gear You Gotta Try August 2, 2016 200 Best Guitar Solos of All Time The Beginner's Guide to Gear Ultimate Music Making Prize Pack (Over $2,000 Value) Going Unplugged Playing in Position NEW: All Lyrics on Guitar Tricks Tips for Creating a Practice Habit How to Overcome Guitar Burnout Win a CD Manufacturing and Distribution Package (Value over $1000) 15 Biographies That Will Make You a Better Guitarist Introducing: Cocaine by Eric Clapton Six Influential Guitarists Who Were Mediocre Players John Lennon is Here Complete List of What's Free on Guitar Tricks Enter to win a BeatBuddy Mini from Singular Sound! Goodbye, Glenn Frey: a Fallen Eagle Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Stardust The Guitar Tricks Difficulty Ratings 2015 Highlights NEW: Lyrics on Guitar Tricks Happy birthday, Keith Richards! Local Shops Series: SF Guitarworks Local Shops Series: Bass Strings Online Instructor Douglas Showalter On Good Morning America Spice Up Your Blues Playing Meet Sam, a Guitar Tricks Guitarist. Tips on Becoming a Great Jazz Guitar Player Play and Compose Your Own Chord Progressions Survey Winner Announced! Change Chords Quickly and Smoothly An Introduction To The World Of Classical Guitar How To Track Your Progress On Guitar Tricks How To Use The Guitar Tricks Jam Station How To Use Lesson Favorites and Lesson History Breaking into the Box - Quick and easy modal pentatonic scales To Do: Boston's Summer Tour 2015 Keith Richards New Single: What's Your Vote? How Awesome Is Our New Android Tablet App? Wait Till You Hear What Double Stops Can Do For Your Sound Understanding Basic Chord Composition Music Theory: A Simple Introduction 10 Tips for Understanding Chord Families Rock Guitar Chord Systems: How to Build Common & Useable Progressions 13 Boutique Guitar Companies We Love GIVEAWAY ALERT! Special Edition Rolling Stones Vinyl 8 Easy Steps for Changing Keys An Easy Guitar Scale Study: Major, Pentatonic Minor and Lydian Basics Is Repetition Really The Mother of Practicing? Choosing Strings for the Best Electric Guitar Experience Have You Tried the Guitar Tricks iPad App yet? Mother of F Chords! Secrets to Dominating this Tricky Barre How Guitar Tricks Works Giveaway Alert: Bundle of Pedals from Seymour Duncan! 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Avoid the Rut | 10 Boredom-Busting Tips for Guitarists Add A Little Thunder To Your Guitar Why Your Fingers ARE Good Enough for Guitar Should You Be Practicing? Improve Muscle Memory With These 8 Easy Tips Special! Line 6 Tone Workshops Rock's Rebel: 9 Things That Make Tom Petty Such a Badass You've Got To Check This Out! 10 Things to Know About Playing Natural Harmonics Instructor Spotlight: Mike Olekshy Releases New Single For Country Motley Crue Compilation Album The Chosen: 9 of Music's Most Beloved Guitars 2,000 Hours Of The Best Live Footage From The Ultimate Bands Bobby Womack: Force Of Soul That Will Live Forever The Absolute Fastest I've Ever Seen 10 Things You Need to Know for Killer Vibrato Lousy Timing: 9 Musicians Who Came This Close to the Big Time Three Songs That Changed My Life String Bending Basics Four Pieces of Guitar Gear That Changed Music New Song Lesson Trivia New Song Lessons! 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