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Playing With Fingers or Pick

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First let's take a closer look at our options for strumming and picking with our fingers.

Up until now you've heard and seen me strumming with my thumb, which is a very common way to do it. I like it because it gives me a lot of control, and a slightly darker sound. When I use my index finger, naturally the nail will be hitting the strings and this gives me a brighter sound that I like for different reasons.

Often I end up combining my index finger and my middle finger. It's also worth trying an upstroke with your thumb.

Let's try a simple example where we'll strum our G-chord on the top 4 strings, just like we did earlier, but now you can try out some different ways to strum. Try your thumb, your index finger, your middle finger, middle and index combined and maybe even an upstroke with your thumb or your index finger. Just experiment and pay attention to the different sounds you get. We'll play the chord 8 times and then we'll end on a G-chord that we let ring.

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Playing With Fingers or Pick