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Switching Between Chords

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In this chapter you've learned a handful of chords that can be used to play an virtually limitless number of songs. Of course there's a way to go from mastering these chords one at a time to being able to switch between them seamlessly like you would within a song. And the challenge of switching between the different chords can be a great source of frustration, because it really is difficult and you instantly feel the buzzkill of having to stop in the middle of a song and position your fingers for the next chord.

So today we're gonna tackle this challenge head-on by studying each of the chord transitions one combination at a time. This may seem like a lot of work, but we're dealing with chords that are used all the time here, so it really is worth the extra focus. You'll also get a great chance to review chords and your left hand fingers are gonna get a great workout from this, so stick with me and let's dig in!

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Switching Between Chords