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In this tutorial we'll talk in more detail about tuning. Tuning can be a tricky thing, and it's something we have to do all the time on the guitar. Guitars are made of wood and is constantly reacting to the climate around you, which will affect your tuning. Also, when we strum, fret and pick the strings we push and pull them and even the slightest change in the string tension will affect the pitch and your overall tuning.

So tuning is part of playing guitar, and it's something we have to do every time we pick up a guitar and most likely several times throughout our practice session or performance. I personally tune every time I'm not playing. So in this tutorial we're gonna talk about the best ways to do this and what different tools and techniques we can use to make it easier. We're also gonna talk about what to do if you get totally lost while tuning. This situation can be a mess. Especially if you've just started out with the guitar and haven't learned the note names yet. But we'll talk about a bunch of different approaches and hopefully one of those will work for you. Let's get started!

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