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What's My Age Again?

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The second verse breaks up the track a little bit and keeps the same dynamic as the chorus. Whereas the transition into this section features our main riff, once the band kicks in the heavy power chords and palm muting begins with the same distorted tone we use in our choruses. This is a great way to break up any song!

The chord progression heard in this section is the same as what you heard in our first verse, the difference being this time we are using distortion and power chords to break up the song a bit.

Key Points:

1. Emphasize the palm muting along with 8th note rhythms

2. Chords are B5, F#5, C#5, and D#5

3. Play on all down beats, and transition into chorus continues palm muting; playing one bar of Db5 and one of Eb5

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What's My Age Again?