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What's My Age Again?

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The bridge section of "What's My Age Again?" features some cool uses of delay with some simple guitar melodies. This section has three different guitar parts that build nicely into our final chorus.

We are using a clean tone with a slight quarter note delay set at 380 milliseconds, or close to 400 pending on the pedal you are using. You only want to use a slight amount of delay, just enough to hear it echo a few times. In our last section we are going to than kick on a slight phaser effect to really get the authenticity of the track.

Key Points:

1. There are three sections to the bridge, all played instrumentally and feature simple melodies

2. All three sections have the delay setting on, while the third kicks on the phaser; you want just slight phaser with the rate up about halfway so you don't hear too much of it.

3. Section 1: major third melody for F# (heard in main riff) - third time plays a B bass note

4. Section 3: plays a F# major third to a fourth with the delay much more present. Notes are cut short to emphasize delay

5. Section 3: plays F# chord with an added octave on the G string, playing as an arpeggiated rhythm more open

6. all three parts play around the same chords while the bass rotates (great writing technique!)

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What's My Age Again?