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What's My Age Again?

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The chorus of "What's My Age Again?" features some great uses of power chords played with great dynamics and rhythms. You will hear the chorus 3 times in the song, the last time being played with a louder dynamic which we will take a look at later in this tutorial.

Key Points:

1. The guitar tone is distorted with our gain up slightly above half way so our tone is heavy but also not too muddy. Pickup setting is on the bridge pickup.

2. All chords are played slightly anticipated, give the rhythm a unique feel. Chords are F#, C#, D#, and B.

3. Each chorus ends with a build on one bar of D# to one bar of C#.

4. First chorus ends on a two bar break over a B octave chord on the A string.

5. Second chorus ends on an D# octave chord, which drones over into the bridge.

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What's My Age Again?