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Guitar Tricks Full Access Subscription is like having a world-class guitar school available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn at your own pace with instructors from around the globe who know the craft and the business, and know how to push everyone from beginner guitar players to experienced guitarists to the heights of success.

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Sign up for a monthly membership and gain Full Access to everything Guitar tricks has to offer including over 1,000 songs, hundreds of mega artists from classic to modern, an organized learning pathway to help you progress, a toolbox full of features like a guitar chord chart, a scale finder, a jam station, and so much more. Sign up for the annual membership and save $60! You’ll get the same amazing online guitar lessons for a fraction of the cost.

At Guitar Tricks™ we make learning how to play guitar a lot of fun! With a Full Access membership you will have over 10,000 lesson videos at your fingertips. You will easily find your favorite artists, your favorite songs, beginner guitar lessons and advanced technique lessons. Each song includes accurate guitar tabs as well as standard music notation to make Guitar Tricks the best option for online guitar lessons. Whether you’re looking to brush up on some techniques, or if you’ve never even picked up a guitar before, Guitar Tricks will lead you through whatever you are hoping to learn with step-by-step instruction, easy to follow videos, detailed breakdowns and plenty of fun! Our experienced guitar lessons are categorized into different genre courses so you can focus in on your favorite style. These courses teach not only the chords and songs of a particular style, but also the grooves, music theory, music terms and tips and tricks so you can sound like the real deal.