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What's My Age Again?

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In our first section we are going to take a look at how to play the main guitar part heard throughout our track. You will hear this section heard in multiple parts of the song and the arpeggiated guitar part is both fun and a bit of a challenge to play. This guitar part features a rotating bass line that is heard in a ton of songs in this style.

Key Points:

1. The guitar tone is fairly clean with a slight reverb, and I'm using the bridge pickup to get an edgier tone.

2. The riff revolves around a Bmaj7 chord; with a rotating bass line of B, F#, C#, and D#; the upper part is a F# major third.

3. The riff moves down in fifths, then up a whole step to complete the phrase.

4. The end of this phrase plays a bar over C#, then a bar of Bmaj7; the phrase shortens going into the chorus.

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What's My Age Again?