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What's My Age Again?

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In this song tutorial we'll be learning "What's My Age Again?" as made famous by Blink 182. This pop punk classic features some great uses of arpeggios and power chords, and while some of the guitar parts are quite easy to play; there is something in this song for any guitar player at any level.

To get the sounds for this track you want to use a dual humbucker style guitar with plenty of distortion and a slight quarter note delay for some of the clean guitar parts, along with a phaser effect. The song is in 4/4 time, at 158 bpm, and is in the key of F#.

I'm going to break it down section by section, allowing you to play through each part up to speed and slowed down a little bit. At the end we're gonna put it all together with a backing track.

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What's My Age Again?