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Stanley Jordan Style Touch Technique

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What kind of equipment is required to play the touch technique?

Actually you only need a normal electric guitar probably wiht humbuckers because there you have a bit higher output from the pickups, but it works actualy with any kind of electric or even acoustic guitar.

I use a normal tuning of the guitar and I do not have a damper on my guitar such as Stanley Jordan or Jennifer Batten had. I do the damping with that hand which is free to do so. The advantage of this is, that you can switch to normal guitar playing when you want and you don't have to change the guitar. But this requires a good damping technique and a good hammer - on - pull off technique with both hands.

I use a Fender blues junior amp. This is a tub amp. This gives a bit more drive for the touch technique and you can switch the drive on a 3 or 4 to still have the clean sound but to have a bit extra boost.

That's it. All the rest is a lot of practicing.

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Stanley Jordan Style Touch Technique