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Stanley Jordan Style Touch Technique

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Here I show the basic tricks and movements how to play a jazzblues with the touch technique.

On the video you can see and hear how it works. But there are some further explainations needed to get you to the point to manage this lesson.

1. The walking bass played with your left hand ( lefties with the right hand ) works with pulloffs always on the openstring. But the openstring should now realy sound it should be more kind of a dead note to get the walking bass grooving. To get this effect please practice only the bass first without any other additional movements with your other hand.

2. Your other hand tap the chords. You have several possiblities. The best is to use my suggestions where I tap the guide tones of the G7 ( triad + seventh / B + F ) ) in as show with the tabs. This I do with the Am-7 chord as well. On the C7 + D7 chord I use a C13 or 13 voicing. This sounds great and is very easy to tap.

3. You have 2 basic possibilities to tap the chords. On - and offbeat. The best thing is that you pratice this first on only one chord ( ex. G7 ) to get familiar with it. If you play the chords on - beat it comes together with the walking bass. If you play offbeat it is always in between. You have to firs practice this basics till you can switch between off and onbeat like it is usualy in jazz to get it swinging.
First you can use my examples, later you can create your own swing groove.

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Stanley Jordan Style Touch Technique