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Stanley Jordan Style Touch Technique

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This lesson about touch technique actually is the beginner lesson to get into the basic movements.

1. Play chords with tapping : In the first part I play G � C/E � D/F# . This is a way how it is usualy done in classical music where you play the so called " classical cadence " or I IV V with inversion of the chords. This is it what gives the classical aproach to this lesson.

2. Move the melody with your tapping hand : With the basic of the chords you can start to move the melody as you can see in my example. This is very easy since this is the basic movement and you don't have and sychroniziation problems here.

3. In the second part it moves to Em / Am / . There for changing the chords you use the open E- or A-string and you switch the melody between the traid and the 9th. This gives this open sound.

4. Ending with 6th : On the very ending you can see how to can switch from on tapped note to 2 notes by using the 6th's of G. There you can move the 6th's diatonic as you can see at the ending.

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Stanley Jordan Style Touch Technique