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Rollin' & Tumblin'

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After the middle guitar solo, he sings another verse, hums another one and then the final jam starts. For this whole section they hang on the I-chord which builds a lot of tension from all the repetition, and this is a great way to create a climax at the end of this song. Here's a clip from the performance, so you can hear what it sounds like!

He starts out by just hanging on the I-chord riff. Then after a while they “break it down”, which means they play the same part but with a more quiet feel. The groove stays the same, but they come down dynamically!

Then he starts to solo, and here the phrasing is what makes it catchy. Meaning it's not about what notes he plays, but how long the phrases are and how they're placed in the bar.

The notes are cool, but you could easily replace them and have a very similar result! After this section he goes to a very powerful one bar phrase that he repeats for a long time and you can hear the audience go wild from the repetition and the increase in intensity that this creates.

He only breaks this once, where he turns and says something to a band member. This whole performance has a very loose and casual vibe, which is very much in the nature of this style of music! Don't overthink it and try to clean it up. Just play and be confident no matter what happens!

After this he slides up to the high I-chord in the 12th fret, and I think he expects the band to end with him, but they keep going. From here on out it kinda falls apart bit by bit, and it sounds cool. Once they've all almost stopped playing he plays a little lick and the song is over.

Now let's check out the whole outro jam at a slower tempo, so you can get a chance to catch all the little details! Here it goes!

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Rollin' & Tumblin'