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Rollin' & Tumblin'

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As I mentioned earlier there's a rhythm guitar supporting the slide guitar through the whole song. It's very loose and jammy, but in this lesson I'll show you the different tools he uses and we'll condense it into a more concise part, so you can practice and use it.

So as you can see the part is based on simple voicings with a G thumb voicing. If this is too hard you can use a regular barre chord with the root on the 6th string

Then on the C-chord he uses 8th note strumming, like the lead guitar.

Then to lead into the lead bar of C he does a double 16th note strum on Bb (a whole step below) and at the end of the 2nd bar he adds to quarter note hits on Bb as well.

On D he uses the same 8th strumming as he does on the C-chord.

Then the only extra thing he does is in the slide solo, where he goes up to the classic Hendrix voicing (G7#9) and uses that to play fills.

After doing that 3 times he switches to a G diminished with the same timing.

Now let's practice that whole rhythm guitar part a couple of times at a slower tempo. Right now we're just adding the extra half bar to each of the I-chords, but remember that when you play this song with other players you have to listen for the pickup phrase to know when to come in with the IV-chord.

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Rollin' & Tumblin'