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Rollin' & Tumblin'

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First let's get into our open G tuning and take a quick look at how to navigate within it. I'm also going to walk you through the basic chord progression that the song is built on. Check it out!

Now our open strings form a G-chord, and since our song is in the key of G, this means we have our I-chord with the open strings and in the 12th fret. Then we can embellish the sound of the open string I-chord with notes from the 3rd fret across all the strings.

Our V-chord, D, will be in the 7th fret and our IV-chord, C, will be in the 5th fret. Now, the most basic version of this chord structure starts on the IV-chord for 2 bars and then goes to the I-chord for 2 bars. Then that repeats.

After that it goes to the V-chord for 1 bar and down to the IV-chord and then finally I-chord for 2 bars. Then there are all the little extra half bars and beats in there that I'll explain later, but as you can see that most basic version of this form amounts to 12 bars total. But it's not a typical 12 bar form, so let's call it an alternative 12 bar form for now.

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Rollin' & Tumblin'