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Little Travel Guitars - Why They're Great!

travel guitar

A travel guitar is usually a little guitar that you take with you when you don’t want to bring your go-to dreadnaught or electric. But of course this is different for everyone. Your go-to guitar is probably a full-sized instrument, but we recommend traveling with a smaller form factor, like a parlor or a mini guitar. Small guitars can sound just as good and sometimes better than full-bodied guitars depending on the style of music you prefer. 

1- Easier to play / Great for beginners

One of the major complaints we hear at Guitartricks from beginner guitarists is that their fingers are too fat, or they can’t hold the chords properly because the neck is too wide. Small guitars solve this problem and that makes them a great beginner guitar. A guitar like the Baby Taylor is ¾ the size of a traditional acoustic guitar. This means it’s a lot easier to hold for someone that is not used to the shape and feel of a guitar. 


2- Great for children

Because small guitars are, you know, small, they’re also great for kids to learn on! There are entire companies like Loog who focus specifically on small guitars for kids because as we all know, children have smaller hands and they may not be able to play on a standard size. 


3- Easier to store