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Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup

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Let's try out some higher wattage amps. We put these particular amps by themselves because the essence of their tone lies in higher volumes. You'll notice I have the amp right behind me when I'm playing. I'm wearing ear plugs as we shoot the video. Having ear plugs preserves your hearing if you play with this size of amplifier. We've also leveled the volume so that you get the essence of the tone, otherwise you'd get muddled, distorted tone.

This size amplifier is best suited for larger venues and venues where volume is a must. You wouldn't have much use for this amp in your bedroom or basement. However, if you find yourself onstage with this weapon at your side, you'll really knock it out of the park. This is your chance to preview the big amp you've seen sitting in your local music store without annoying the guy behind the counter and the kid playing Smoke on the Water for 15 minutes.

Here are the settings I'm using:

Presence 2.5

Bass 8

Treble 6

Volume 2 I wouldn't be able to sit in the room if this were turned up louder. The break up on the amp at louder volumes is quite nice, let me assure you.

To get the break up at level 2 volume, I use a slight boost with an overdrive pedal. The gain on the pedal is quite low, around 2.

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup