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Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup

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We'll use the same setup from the last lesson (Master Volume Amp and Overdrive) and add a few effects. Some of my favorite additions to a great blues rig is tremolo and a slapback delay. The tremolo gives it a dusty, hot sound while the slapback delay puts the tone in a cinderblock blues dive.

Remember, you may not like this combination with certain guitars. They are meant to sound different. Choose what you like and modify your rig accordingly.

Here are my settings on this rig:

Amp: Volume 4, Master Volume 4, Bass 8, Mid 5, Treble 6

Overdrive: Drive 4, Tone 3, Level 4

Tremolo: Rate 5, Depth 8

Delay: 120 Milliseconds, Slapback Setting

Lesson Info
Instructor Andy Gurley
Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup