Using the Lick in the 12-bar Form

In this lesson we're going to play through the 12 bar form with the blues riff and the extra "lick". You don't have to play it in every bar like I do; just use it as a variation whenever you feel like it!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Making The 12 Bar Form Sound Like Blues
Using the Lick in the 12-bar Form song notation
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Using the Lick in the 12-bar Form By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

4 months ago
Why not put countdowns on the jam tracks? It's hard to click and not miss a beat or two.
Mike Olekshy 4 months ago

Hello - thanks so much for your comment. I've relayed your suggestion to admin, so hopefully we'll see some count-ins added to the Jam Tracks.

11 months ago
This lesson is frustrating because he's doing the entire thing while somehow muting the strings and I can't figure out how. It would have been nice if he added a chapter here on how he does the muting.
Josh Workman 11 months ago

Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. I do see that he performs it differently while demonstrating the tune than he does while playing with the track. While explaining things, he stops notes from ringing through a combination of moves that you can try. 1. Press a single note, maybe the A on the second fret of the G string with your index finger. Slightly release the depressed note, just enough for the note to stop ringing with the fretting hand but keep your index finger touching the string. That note will stop but you'll likely hear other strings ring out from sympathetic vibrations. 2. Use your ring finger right after to lightly cover all of the strings and stop the ringing. Of course, if the note being pressed uses your ring finger, try muting the resonance with your index or middle finger. 3. When an open string is also being played along with that note, use your picking hand to to lightly touch all six strings and stop the sound at the same that you release the fretted note. Practice this slowly to get your left and right hand coordination together. I did find this lesson on muting strings: I hope this helps!