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Jazz Rhythm Guitar Comping

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In this lesson we'll talk about three different rhythms to use to strum our chord progression with these different voicings. We'll also talk a bit about dynamics.

The first example is doing exactly what we did in the lesson with our full voicings, we'll play each chord on the down beat of one and let it ring for the whole measure, a whole note. Because this is our first pass through the progression we'll doing this at a low dynamic.

The second example is to use the E-string rooted shell voicings to play a Freddie Green style rhythm. This means to play on every downbeat of the bar.Play these chords at a medium dynamic.

The third example is to use the A-string rooted shell voicings to play a Charleston type rhythm. This means to play on the downbeat of one, then mute the chord, play the chord again on the ‘and of two’. Play these chords at a loud dynamic. This is a classic jazz rhythm that adds a little syncopation.

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Instructor Molly Miller
Jazz Rhythm Guitar Comping