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Playing Songs in the Key of D

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In this lesson, we'll use the concept of the "two chord", the "three chord", and the "six chord" to figure out what the minor chords are in the key of D.

Turns out they will work out to be Em, F#m, and Bm.

Uh oh! Not all of these chords are as friendly as the majors in this key.

Heads up: the most likely minor chord to appear in a song in the key of D is the Bm.

That is because the "six chord" is statistically more likely to appear than the "two" or the "three". That's just how it is - and we'll get more into the theory behind that later in the course.

So, the key of D is very popular, but many people find themselves getting squeamish when they see a Bm chord is required.

Please take some extra time to become comfortable with Bm, and keep your access to most songs in the key of D wide open!

Meanwhile, don't worry too much about F#m for right now.

And hey, the Em is a total breeze!

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Playing Songs in the Key of D