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Bread and Butter Blues Licks Series 3

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This lick is interesting because it uses mostly major chord tones: the root, or 1st scale degree, major 3rd and 5th scale degree. But it winds up sounding a lot more complicated because of all the guitaristic ornamentation we use to get those two notes played.

We start by bending the D on the G string up to the E (3rd scale degree). Next, we play a series of chromatic notes on the B string: E, F, F-sharp, and G. Immediately, jump back over to pick, bend and bring down the bent E on the G string again. Finally, land on the root note C on the G string. That's the basic lick.

Once you get the mechanics of it right, then it's time to play it right rhythmically. This lick and track uses straight 1/8th note rhythms. Start the lick on the upbeat of beat 4.

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Bread and Butter Blues Licks Series 3