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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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If you want to sound as authentic as possible to the record, you will need a single coil Strat type of guitar In the split neck pick up position. In a five position switch, this is position 4.

A Fender Deluxe Reverb amp is ideal. These amps have a very bright and punchy crystal clean sound and is one of the most used amps in pop and blues. We are using medium room reverb at 20% in the mix, which will accentuate the palm muted lines of guitar 1. The sound of this amp along with a really strong analog mono chorus will achieve that classic 80s guitar tone used by guitar 2.

For a cab, I'm using a Vox top boost silver cab simulator in the Axe FX II. This cab is bright with a lot midrange and gives exactly what we need for this tune.

My amp settings are: Drive 4.5, Bass 3, Mid 9.3, and treble is at 8.5.

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun