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This song is in a very peculiar tuning. It is tuned in a drop D tuning, meaning the low E string is tuned a whole step lower than the A string. But this is not all, the whole guitar is actually tuned lower than drop D but slightly higher than drop Db.

However, I found that when playing along with the record, being slightly sharp all the time is a very unpleasant sound. On the other hand, using a lot of attack while playing in dropped Db sounds much closer to the studio version. This is especially the case when playing Dime's great solo.

My EQ settings are pretty unusual. These work well with my Line 6 Vette II Amplifier using the Angel P-ball setting. If you're using a different amplifier you'll definitely want to adjust the setting to what works best for you. These EQ settings are:

0% in the bass; 0% in the mids; 100% in the treble; the drive is at 100%

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Instructor Lee Wanner