Hand-Wired 18W British Combo Amp

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Hearing the true tone of any amplifier can be a chore, especially if you don't know much about amps. When looking for an amplifier, consider that every amp has some qualities that will always be characteristic of its brand. However, each guitar and effect setup will have a different effect on how that amplifier will ultimately sound. It is unfortunate that players will hate an amplifier not knowing that is was their choice of guitar or effects that made it sound bad.

Let's look first at how this would work with a 18W Hand-Wired British Combo Amp. This amp can be considered the equivelent of a Vox and similar amps. The glassy, chimey tone is the characteristic of the amp that is most pronounced. However, playing different guitars through the amp produces different tones. Sometimes the difference is subtle while other times it is drastic. Take a listen and see what you think of this amp.

Andy Gurley
Instructor Andy Gurley