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Prashant Aswani

Prashant Aswani is a shredding master based in Los Angeles. His artist studies on George Lynch, Randy Rhoads, AC/DC, and Megadeth will turn you into a shredding master, too.

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Prashant Aswani
AC/DC Style Artist Study

Our instructor Prashant Aswani takes you through some of the elements of style that make AC/DC one of the most popular bands in rock. In these lessons we'll look at the foundations of tone, the style in which Angus and Malcolm voice their chords and give them movement, some of the pentatonic licks they use, the use of open string licks, and double stops. In the final lesson you can jam along to a rockin' custom jam track!

Published: 06/02/2010 Upgrade
Prashant Aswani
George Lynch Style Artist Study

George Lynch has been called one of the most influential guitarists of his time. In this artist study we're going to look at some of the elements of his style: solo motifs, slide vibrato, resolving licks, pick tapping, and tone.

Published: 04/15/2010 Upgrade
Prashant Aswani
Megadeth Style Artist Study

This Megadeth artist study takes a look at some of the elements in the style of Marty Friedman, the band's guitar player from 1990-2000. We'll look at some of the dark modes, the rhythms and riffs, the "Marty Friedman bend", and some solo ideas. We'll top it all off with a play along to a custom backing track, so you can experiment with these concepts!

Published: 08/17/2010 Upgrade
Prashant Aswani
Randy Rhoads Style Artist Study

In this artist study, we take a tour through some of the elements of the late, great Randy Rhoads style of lead playing. Some of the tricks we'll look at are using the on/off toggle switch, neck-bending, trills, diatonic triplets, and pentatonic licks. Jam along with the backing track in the final lesson!

Published: 05/17/2010 Upgrade