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The Memphis Blues

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In this tutorial we will learn a 2 guitar version of the classic blues tune "The Memphis Blues" by W. C. Handy.

"The Memphis Blues" by W. C. Handy is a quintessential early blues and jazz public domain tune. It's one of the earliest known published songs by the man known as the Father of the Blues. The music was originally composed in 1912 by Handy and has been recorded countless times by many artists making it a timeless classic of American blues and early jazz. The song was original written with a straight ragtime rhythm, which is a two-step marching rhythm. It was often performed in this style on piano or arranged for a brass horn band. But thereafter it has been traditionally performed in bluesy, triplet swing time. We'll learn to play it using the more well-known swing rhythm. Christopher will show you how to play the chord progression and the melody to this blues and jazz standard. Guitar 1 is a rhythm guitar part playing the chord progression. Guitar 2 is a lead guitar part playing the single note melody of the song.

This song is in the key of F major, in 4/4 time with an 1/8th note triplet swing rhythm & played at a tempo of 120 BPM.

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The Memphis Blues