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Spiced Up Blues Series 3

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We're going to use a more complex chord progression and learn some next level licks that build on the previous tutorial in this series. We'll put them all together in some play alongs to practice these new ideas.lesh out the standard 12 bar form by adding some chords! Notice tha the standard I-IV-V progressionis still there, but we've spiced it up considerably!

G7 (I) 1 bar
C9 (IV) 1 bar
G7 (I) & Ab7 (bII) 1 bar
C9 (IV) 1 bar
C# dim (#iv dim) 1 bar
G7 (I) & A min7 (ii) 1 bar
B min7 (iii) & Bb min7 (biii) 1 bar
A min7 (ii) 1 bar
Eb9 (bVI) & D9 (V) 1 bar
G7 (I) & C9 (IV) 1 bar
G7 (I) & D9 (V) 1 bar

It has a jazzy quality to it because of the chromatic motion and the extended harmony chords!

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Spiced Up Blues Series 3