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It's Not Love

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Several guitar tones are used in this song. A general EQ for the entire song is Bass at 11 o’clock, Mid at 1 o’clock, and Treble at 2 o’clock. For Guitar 1 dial up a clean setting, which should have no distortion. Guitars 2 and 4 are lead, so crank up a healthy amount of overdrive distortion and a touch of echo/delay. Guitar 3 is rhythm and can use a similar setting as the lead guitars, but consider rolling off some of the overdrive to give the chords and riffs more clarity.

These settings should get you pretty close to the desired tones using whatever amp and distortion pedal you have. Any electric guitar with a humbucker pickup in the bridge position will work for the rhythm parts as well as a whammy bar equipped electric for the lead guitar parts.

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It's Not Love