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All I Want Is A Life

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This tutorial focuses in on 3 guitar layers. Guitar 1 is a clean and twangy electric guitar that plays the rhythm and riffs in the tune. Guitar 2 is an acoustic guitar that strums the chord progression throughout, and even picks some cool arpeggiations later in the song. Guitar 3 is the lead electric guitar that takes a solo and digs into some great lead fills throughout.

The tune kicks off with an ultra twangy lick that combines classic country and rock ideas, then settling into an aggressive riff using power chords and single note licks. The verse brings the dynamic down and supports the vocal with a simple rhythm part. The chorus brings the dynamic back to full with some wide open strumming and riffing.

The song also features a blazing guitar solo, some tasty lead fills, a false ending and acoustic interlude, and an outro that vamps on the main riff through the fadeout.

To play this tune using one guitar, we'll play the acoustic guitar all the way through.

In the following lessons, we'll talk about rock/country riff approaches, open chords and barre chords, steady acoustic strumming, and some killer country/rock lead guitar. We are in the key of G major, with a 4/4 time signature, at a tempo of 125 BPM.

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
All I Want Is A Life