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For the single guitar performance I've chosen the parts that stand out the most and connect economically. The path I'll illustrate here is only one of several possible ways to play the tune, so be open to trying other options. Since the song requires a few different guitar tones you'll need to be able to switch back and forth smoothly. Check out the lesson on "Gear and Tone" earlier in this tutorial for more details. Also, consider leaving off the last note or chord from one section if it helps you to make a smooth transition to the next section. Here's the order of parts to play the song on one guitar:

Begin with Guitar 1 for the Intro and Verse #1. Switch to guitar 3 with distortion for Pre-Chorus #1, guitar 2 for Chorus #1, then switch back to a clean tone for Guitar 1 at Verse #2. At the end of Verse #2 get ready to switch back to distortion for Guitar 2 at Coda Pre-Chorus #2. Stay with guitar 2 for Chorus #2, then switch to guitar 4 for the Guitar Solo, followed by guitar 2 for Chorus #3 and the Interlude. Wrap it up by returning to Guitar 1 for the Outro-Verse.

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