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The strumming pattern changes here and "bumps" beats 1,2 and 3, leaving a space on beat 4.

Each line starts on a ii chord.

ii V7 I I (Full cadence, if it were the last line of this section)
Am7 - D7 G
Am7 - D7 G
Am7 - D7 G - F7 E7
A7 (stop) D7 (Half cadence)

Again we have repetition for the first 3 lines, but using a different set of chords. The third line uses a couple of quick descending barre chords and we pause for a full bar on the V of V (A7) and end up on a full bar of the V7 (D7) chord for yet another half cadence. Each of the 2 bridges go directly back into a verse.

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