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Seamless Chord Changes, Every Time!

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Sometimes, one or more of your fingers remain in the same fret as they move from the first chord to the second chord.

If you discover this relationship in the chord change you are navigating, be sure to take advantage of it as a way to keep your hand oriented and make the switch as elegantly as possible.

Important: in some of the demonstrations in this set of lessons, I move my "same fret" finger first, and pull my other fingers out of the way so that you can clearly see what I am doing.

However, that "pulling away" motion is for demonstration purposes only!

Ultimately, you always want to keep your fingers as close to the fingerboard as possible, and watch NOT to develop a habit of letting them pull away from the neck. That will only end up costing you time, and orientation, as you go.

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Seamless Chord Changes, Every Time!