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Your First Simple Chords: C and G

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Now it's your turn, with the band! I'll count us off to get us started, but see if you can remember the chord changes and make them on time. It may be tricky at first, but with practice, you will get it!

Look under the "Image Tab" to see a complete lyric sheet with chords for this song.
It's a good idea to print this out, so you can follow along with the video, and also practice it on your own.
To print the lyric sheet, go to the "Print This Lesson" Tab on your screen.


Take my hand
Let's walk downtown
Cause I've got
Something to tell you

We will take a table
In a fine cafe
And I will say
I love you

Let's walk downtown

(Words and music (c) Lisa McCormick, All Rights Reserved)

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Your First Simple Chords: C and G